The First Years Wave Stroller Review

Danielle, 38

North Carolina

“I dragged my husband over to show it to him, and that was that.” I got the First Years Wave!

Danielle R.

We bought this stroller last year for our daughter Emma, who was then three. We had been using the same stroller we’d gotten when our 6-year old daughter Adrienne was a tiny baby, so we were definitely due for a new one.  I wanted to get something really nice and that wasn’t necessarily the cheapest, since we plan to have more children and wanted something that would last for years.

I Did My Research before Choosing the First Years Wave

Since we had been saving up for the new stroller and wanted something really built to last, we did a lot of research on the internet. We live outside town in a rural, mountainous area, where we run a bed and breakfast and running all over town or the next shopping town just isn’t very convenient for us.

Reviews On Amazon

I read a ton of reviews all over Amazon and other review sites and the First Years Wave kept cropping up and getting my attention. What clinched it was when I met a woman at our church’s rummage sale who had one. I stopped and asked her about it, and she was nice enough to not only tell me all about how much she loved it, she also let me fold and unfold it to see how easy it was. That was one of the questions I’d asked her!

I dragged my husband over to show it to him, and that was that. We shopped for the best price and ordered it from Amazon the next day.

Much Lighter Stroller than Our Old One

One of the things I love most about the First Years Wave is that it’s so light. I don’t know what our old one weighs (we gave it away almost immediately) but I used to have a heck of a time lugging it around, especially when I needed to lift it into the back of our Grand Cherokee.  While I noticed how light this one was when I met the other mom at the rummage sale, it didn’t really hit me until the first couple of times I had to load the First Years into the car.

I’m really surprised that such quality construction comes in such a light stroller. According to the specs, it weighs 24lbs, which is very little for a really good stroller.

Not only do I feel it when I’m loading and unloading the stroller, I also notice it when I’m walking my daughter in it. I used to get a little worn out pushing her in the old stroller, but this one is much less work.

One-Handed Folding Is Awesome!

Another great feature is the one-handed folding. It really is that easy. I read some reviews that thought it was a little trouble to take the car seat out of the stroller first, before you fold it. Since Emma was already three when we got the First Years Wave, we don’t use the car seat in the stroller. I am hanging onto the adapter, though, for the next baby. I think being able to just pop the car seat into this stroller will be a huge help.

The Seat Swivels from Forward-facing to Rear-Facing

This feature was probably meant to accommodate mothers of newborns and infants, but we’re enjoying it now, too. Sometimes Emma likes to face me so we can carry on a conversation while we walk. It’s really cool that you just lift the lock up and swivel the seat one way or the other. I can’t do it with Emma in the seat, but I did try it with the 7-month old baby of one of our guests, and it was a breeze. She loved the stroller and even borrowed it to walk her little boy around our boxwood garden. When we do have another baby, I think this will be a great feature for checking the baby or giving the baby a bottle while in the stroller.

We Love the Adjustable Handlebars

I’m almost 5”10 and I used to get sore around the shoulder blades and lower back from pushing the old stroller because the handlebar was a little low. I love that this stroller has higher handlebars and they adjust very easily. I’ve noticed a lot less soreness, even after pushing the stroller for quite a ways.

The Parent Console and Storage Compartment are Real Pluses

The parent console compartment is really handy. We use it to stash a few necessities that we need quick access to, like sunglasses, a water bottle or baby wipes for cleaning hands and faces or spills. The storage compartment is nice and roomy, with plenty of room for anything we need to bring with us. I don’t know if I’d try to put a diaper bag in it, but I could easily fit a small backpack with a few essentials.

Where Can I get the First Years Wave Stroller?

We got our stroller on Amazon, as it came with free super saver shipping. I’ve also seen it at the Toys R Us near our home, but it was priced a bit higher.

How Much is the First Years Wave?

Ours was almost $340, but included free shipping. I’ve also seen it as low as $299 from other sellers, but the shipping made it more expensive.

What about the Warranty?

We got a 365-day free return policy from Amazon, plus the manufacturer has a one year warranty as well.

We did have to save up to get this stroller, but it’s been worth every penny.