Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller Review

Becky, 32

Santa Clara, CA
Seventh-grade English teacher

A Jogging Stroller with Extra Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Oh my gosh, we love this stroller. It’s like part of the family, LOL. We got it when our daughter Sara was six months old (she’s 2 now). I bike on a daily basis and my husband runs with me when he’s available. Our son Quinn, who’s seven, rides his bike alongside.

We considered getting one of those strollers that attaches to the back of my bike, but I didn’t like the idea of having something that couldn’t be used without the bike. Plus, we wanted to be able to have my husband push the stroller rather than me pulling it.

This is a Super Smooth Stroller

We really love the smooth ride that the designers created here. The front wheel turns 360 degrees, so it’s awesome at curbs, bumps and turning in tight spaces, but it also locks in the forward position for jogging in a mostly straight line. It’s just as good at bumpy terrain like the sidewalk by our beach as it is at turning around in the Wal-Mart aisles!  I like this design much better than the strollers with two wheels in front, which always seem to get hung up on something.

The stroller moves incredibly smoothly. My husband says it’s because of the suspension system, which I don’t really understand, but it was one of the reasons he wanted the Joovy Zoom 360. Sara really enjoys the smooth ride and so does my husband. He uses the stroller outdoors more than I do and he says that the suspension means a lot less stress on his hands, wrists and arms, because the stroller just moves so effortlessly. I like the fact that Sara doesn’t get so jostled around that she’s uncomfortable. We want to run and bike together as a family, but it has to be fun and comfortable for everyone, including her.

The Five-Point Harness is Extra Safe

The seat features make her very comfortable, too. The padding is very well made and plush. The company didn’t skimp on that at all, and the harness is padded and up high enough that it doesn’t make marks on her little shoulders. I like the fact that the harness is so safe and secure. I don’t worry about her toppling out when we go down a curb or if, heaven forbid, we wreck. The five-point harness is a cut above many strollers we saw.

Reflectors on Every Side, Not Just the Back

Speaking of safety, we really love all of the reflective areas of the stroller. We saw a lot of jogging strollers that just had one or two reflectors on the back wheels, but the Joovy Zoom 360 has reflectors on all sides. This makes us feel a lot safer when we are out on the road or sidewalk at sunrise, sunset or (as happened once on the way home) in the rain.

The Canopy is Extra High and Long

The rain cover is another great feature that we like. The canopy is very large and up much higher than other strollers we looked at. It’s high enough that Sara can see well, but it extends enough to protect her from the sun and from the occasional rain. The windows allow her to see us and where she’s going and still be protected from the hot CA sun.

A High Seat Means More Room and Better View

The seat is also a lot higher than other models. This has several great benefits. Because the seat is so high, Sara can see farther. Also, I think it helps her not to get bumped around. The other great thing about it is that it makes the storage compartment very roomy. We saw some strollers that wouldn’t be able to store a backpack or diaper bag at all. This compartment has plenty of room because the seat is so much higher.

Awesome Storage that Holds Everything

We routinely stuff the diaper bag, a couple bottles of water or juice and even a blanket under there and have no problems at all. There’s also a parent compartment, which is awesome. It comes with the stroller and has not one, but two cup holders. I love this, because we’re all out together very often and my husband and I both like being able to safely put our coffee cups down.

If you’re looking for a real jogging stroller that is extra safe, the Joovy Zoom 360 is an awesome choice. We absolutely love it and can’t imagine weekends without it.

Where Can I Get the Joovy Zoom360?

We got ours on for $240 with free shipping, which was an awesome deal.