Joovy Caboose Ultra-light Stand-on Tandem Stroller Review

Alexis, 30

Salem, OR
Stay at home Mom

My Kids LOVE Riding on This Stroller

We bought this stroller when we found out we were expecting again. At the time, our older son, Micah, was going on three. Unfortunately, we found out a week after getting the stroller that we were expecting twins! At first we thought we’d have to send this one back and get a different one, but we kept putting it off and then lost the receipt! We thought about selling it, but never got around to that, either!

We had originally thought Micah would stand or sit in the back while the new “baby” rode in the front. But by the time the twins were born, Micah felt that he was too big for baby strollers, so we decided to use it for just the twins. Since you can’t put two infants in the stroller, I loaned it to my cousin, who had a four year old and a three year old and then she gave it back to us when our twins hit two years. I’m glad we hung onto it (even if it was because we procrastinate too much!) because the twins love it.

The Platform is Surprisingly Handy

One of the cool things about this stroller is that one kid can sit on the padded seat in back or stand up on the platform. Sometimes we use this to occupy one of the twins, letting them sit in the big kid seat and talk to us while we’re out and about. Other times, it’s actually come in handy for a child who is acting up or cranky, because I can calm them down or keep an eye on them while they’re sitting facing me.

Even though the platform is meant for one child, I’ve had both standing on it a few times. There’s plenty of room, because they’re pretty small for their age. We went to a Veggie Tales performance at the park a few months ago, and they loved being able to stand up on the platform and see.

The Stroller Rides Beautifully

My cousin Angie was always telling me how smoothly and easily the Joovy Caboose rode and once we started using it, I understood why. I was a little worried that such a long stroller would be cumbersome and hard to steer, but it’s so well designed that it’s as easy to push as Micah’s single stroller was.

It may be because of the way the weight is distributed, with the platform in back, but the stroller is very easy to steer over bumps and small steps. We have a brick walkway in front of our house and this stroller doesn’t get hung up as much as our old single stroller did.

Folds Up Really Easily for a Double

I’d never seen Angie (the cousin who used this stroller when the babies were too little) actually fold this stroller before we got it back. She lives about thirty miles away, so it never came up when we got together for holidays or dinner. She had told me it folded very easily, but she’s about six inches taller than I am, so I had some concerns about wrestling with the thing to fold it and get it in the car.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a problem at all, once I figured out how to do it. It’s easy to fold and folds up even smaller than our old single stroller did, which really surprised me. Even the tray and canopy fit neatly inside when you fold the stroller up. I was thrilled at how compact it is, because the cargo area in the back of our minivan isn’t as spacious as we would like. It’s also a whole lot lighter than it looks and much lighter than most double strollers.

Both Kids Can Be Safely Belted In

One of the reasons we had chosen this stroller in the first place was that the front seat has a five point harness, which is to be expected, but the platform seat also has a seat belt. We really appreciate this. A lot of the stand-on strollers we looked at didn’t offer this feature, but most of them didn’t have the padded bench seat, either.

I Can Even Fit All Three Kids When I Need To

It hasn’t come up very often, but we have put all three kids into the stroller on a few occasions and it worked very well. Micah can stand on the platform while one of the twins sits in the bench seat and one in the front seat. We did this at the flea market a few weeks ago when Micah kept drifting too far away and also at a country fair when he got tired of walking. It really did work very well and it made it a lot easier on my husband and me.

Where Can I Get the Joovy Caboose?

You can get them at Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us, but the price is higher by $20-30. We ordered ours from Amazon for $199 three years ago. Now they’re selling them there for $150 and free shipping to boot. Awesome deal!