Contours Options Tandem Stroller Review

Tammy, 30

Atlanta, GA
Child psychology student

“A Double Stroller That Grows with Your Kids”
The Contours Options Tandem

Tammy D. H.

My husband Wayne and I just bought this stroller and received it three weeks ago. Our son, Drew is 3 years old and we’re expecting Lily at the end of this month. We really wanted a double stroller that we could change up as both kids grew and their needs changed. We also knew we wanted a tandem stroller, rather than a side-by-side. We did a lot of looking around at the local stores and on the internet before we chose the Contours Option Tandem Stroller, which we purchased in Ruby.

Even though we still only have one child to put in the stroller, we’ve been using this since the day we got it. We wanted to get used to it, but also got a lot of begging from Drew, who thought it was really cool looking!

So Many Options for Setting Up!

I have to admit it took a little while for us to figure out how to change the seats and their direction, but once we got it, it was very easy to do. Right now, we have it set up like this:

With this configuration, I can fit grocery bags, a backpack or diaper bag and my purse in the back while drew rides in the front. I especially love this when we got to local art fairs and craft festivals, which we do a lot here in Atlanta.  However, we have already gotten a Britax car Seat for Lily and bought the car seat adapter so that we can set the Contours Options up like this when she’s born:

We’ve repositioned the seats in several different ways, mostly out of curiosity and just plain fun. It’s really very easy to move them around once you figure it out. I just love that there

are so many different options. Even when Drew is too old for the stroller, Lily can ride the way Drew does now, with packages in the back. That means we’ll get years of use out of it and we like the value of that.

Super Easy to Fold Up

One thing I was a little worried about was whether I would have a hard time folding the stroller up and getting it into the back of our Volvo station wagon. The reviews and information we got online said it was easy, but it is a double stroller and I’m also fairly small, at 5”1.

I was super relieved to find out that the quick-trigger folding mechanism really is quick and easy. I can even do it while holding Drew’s hand. It will be a bit more involved once the baby is born, since I’ll have to remove the car seat first, but I’d have to do that with any stroller. The

Contours Options is a little on the heavy side with two seats in, but not so heavy that it’s a problem. It’s definitely worth the weight to have something built this well.

Stands when it’s Folded! Yay!

The greatest thing is that this stroller actually stands up on its own when it’s folded. I’ve seen so many parents just dropping their strollers on the ground in frustration because they wouldn’t stay leaned up against a wall or the car. I laugh, but I know it isn’t really funny. Hauling kids and bags and strollers around is hard work. I really appreciate the fact that I won’t have to try to get the stroller to stand still a minute while I get the kids situated or the back of the car open.

The Swivel Wheels Make This Stroller so Easy

Drew’s old Graco stroller was kind of a pain, because the wheels were all fixed. Granted, it was an older model handed down by my sweet neighbor, but it was pretty clunky and hard to steer around things. More than once, I wanted to leave it where it was! We took it to Disney World last year and ended up storing it and renting one of their strollers, which cost us $25 a day.

All of the wheels on the Contours Options swivel, which means you can just about turn on a dime, even though it’s long.  I love it for its easy steering, especially when we’re at the mall or at a craft show.

Extra Large Storage Area

With just one seat in the stroller right now, I have a ton of storage in the back, as you can see from the picture. But, the storage basket down below is awesome, even with two seats. I tested it out with the diaper bag that we got for Lily and it fit just fine.

Up above, the parent console has two cup holders instead of just one, which we were really excited about. For some reason, we didn’t catch that when we were shopping, so it was a really cool surprise. This is great for when we’re all out at the farmer’s market or an art festival and Wayne and I both have lattes or smoothies.

Where Can I Get the Contours Options Tandem Stroller?

We got ours for $220 on, but I see it’s down to $197, still including free shipping, which is an even better deal.

You can get more details and reviews here.

We love this thing so much now, I can’t wait to see how cool this is once Lily’s born!