Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

Paige, 27

Miami, FL
Home day care owner

chicco cortina doubleMy Third Double Stroller and Finally One Works!

My husband Ian and I have twin boys, Gregory and James, who just turned three. Believe it or not, the Chicco Cortina Together is our third double stroller in three years!

The first one was an older Britax that had seen better days. Of course, it was free, handed down by my sister, but it was just too clunky and heavy. The second one we bought and it was from Graco. It was a good stroller, but it was a side-by-side, which ended up being a nightmare as far as getting through doorways and crowds.

When we started looking for a new stroller, we knew we wanted a tandem stroller and we wanted one that had good storage and that had adjustable seats that were easy to change around. We ended up being most impressed with the reviews on the Chicco Cortina Together, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time.

A Little Expensive, but I Can Use it for Years

We were actually budgeting $200 for our new stroller, but we ended up buying the Chicco for $80 more because we saw that I could use it long after the twins have outgrown it. We’re hoping to have another baby in a couple of years, once the boys start school, and twins run in both our families, so it’s likely that we may have twins again. I also have a home day care business, so I can use it for babies in my care, too. Right now, I have four kids ages 5-7, but once we have babies, I think it might be better to watch other infants.

Either way, this stroller can be put together in so many ways that it’s going to have a lot of use in this family. I found a really cool illustration of the seating options on Amazon:

This is a Very Smooth-Riding Stroller

Once we got the stroller and finished playing with all of the ways to arrange the seats, the first thing we noticed was how smooth it is. Our Graco tandem was heavy and the wheels were always turning to and fro, which made it really hard to steer. I used to get so frustrated trying to turn in small spaces or get around people and other strollers. The Chicco Cortina has wheels that turn independently, so it’s easy to make a quick turn or even maneuver through the aisles at Walgreens without knocking stuff over. I love that.

The Storage in This Stroller is Awesome

Another thing that impressed me really quickly with this stroller is the storage. There is a ton of room in the under-seat basket. I have plenty of room for the boys’ stuff and my purse or even for a lunchbox when we got to the park on weekends. There is way more storage on this thing than with either one of our old strollers.

Flexible Child Trays are Such a Big Help

One of the reasons we bought the Chicco Cortina was that the child trays can be changed out with bars. The bars would be awesome for little babies, while our boys love having their own cup holders. They both come with the stroller. I’ve seen some strollers where you had to buy the kid’s cup holders or trays separately.

Super Easy to Fold Up

Another reason I love the Chicco Cortina is that it’s so easy to fold up and it stands up on its own when it’s folded, too. Our old one just slid down the wall, LOL. I wasn’t so sure about the one-hand/one-click folding claims, but they’re for real. One review I read said that it was a pain trying to figure out what to do with the front canopy when you’re folding the stroller, but I don’t see the problem. I take it off before I fold the stroller and just slide it into the storage compartment. It’s as easy as that.

The Chicco Cortina Has Actually Helped My Day Care, Too

This may not apply to everyone, but the stroller has actually helped me with the day care and made my afternoons a whole lot easier. I usually take all of the kids to our subdivision’s playground in the afternoons. My twins would play for a while and then get tired and cranky, so I had to either take them home and disappoint the older kids or let the older kids play and come home with two very cranky toddlers.

With this new stroller, when the little boys get tired, they just come into the shade with me and I let them nap in the stroller. They get to play, the older kids get to play, I get more social time with the other moms and the twins get a little nap if they need it. You cannot believe how much this has done for my mood!

Where Can I Get the Chicco Cortina Tandem Stroller?

I’ve seen this stroller at Babies-R-Us, but it was almost $35 more than at Amazon. We got ours at for $280 and it came with free shipping.

I’m very happy with this stroller. The third time really is the charm, I guess!