Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

Kim Dunham, 35

North Carolina

“The Britax B-Ready Is

The Best Rated Stroller Over The Internet.”

Kim D.

My husband and I purchased the Britax B-Ready Stroller this past May,

when we were getting ready to take our 3 years old  Jim and 6 months old Adam to Disney World for the first time. We already had a double stroller that we had received at our baby shower, but it was a side-by-side and a little hard to maneuver. We knew we needed something better to be able to get the kids and all of their stuff around such a huge park for five days.

The Britax B-Ready’s price was more than we would ordinarily pay for a stroller, but we already had the Britax car seats, which are compatible with the Britax B-ready, so we knew we’d get a lot of added value and versatility by buying the Britax B-Ready. I’m so glad we did, because I’m pretty sure that the Britax B-Ready saved our vacation!

Super Versatile Stroller

The biggest thing that we appreciated the very first day at Disney World was the fact that the stroller is an upper and lower seat configuration instead of a side by side model. There were a lot of shops and restaurants that we would not have been able to get into without taking the kids out of the stroller if we’d been using a side by side model.

Just getting around the Magic Kingdom was hard work and the boys were getting in and out quite a bit anyway to go on the rides. If we’d had to take them out every time we wanted to look into one of the shops, it would have been a real hassle. The only other option, especially if the boys had been napping, would have been for one of us to wait outside.

You Choose Your Style! 14 Different Configurations

Another thing we loved about the configuration of the seats was that there were so many ways to change it up. The Britax B-Ready actually has 14 different ways that you can arrange the seats. You can lay one or both seats back, have both of the face forward, both face backward or even one facing forward and one facing the parent pushing the stroller.

We don’t have a bassinet, but there is one that you can buy to go with it. We haven’t even tried all of the different combinations yet, even though we use the Britax B-Ready at home now, too.

I Love It! The B-Ready is Really Smooth and Easy to Use

One of the other things we noticed right away about the Britax B-Ready was that it was so much easier to maneuver than our old stroller. Obviously, part of that ease was the fact that it wasn’t as wide, but the whole suspension was so much smoother, too.

This is the best illustration I could find over the net…

It turned much more easily and didn’t bump or bounce nearly as much as our old stroller. I could even steer it with one hand, which was absolutely impossible with our old side-by-side stroller. I’m sure the boys appreciated it the much smoother ride, because they took quite a few naps in the stroller throughout the day.

We also really appreciated how easy it was to brake and fold the Britax B-Ready. We did a lot of stopping and starting and also had to park the stroller before we could get in line for any of the rides. With our old stroller, we had to lock and unlock the brakes one at a time with our toes. On the Britax B-Ready, the locks are linked. We just had to push one down to lock both wheels and it even showed red when the brakes were locked. To unlock the brakes, we again just had one move.

1… 2… 3… Folding and Storing are Really Simple

Folding the stroller was so much easier, too. You don’t have to remove the seats first; it will fold with both seats in place. To fold it, you just pull up two levers and step back. The stroller pretty much folds itself. Once folded, it pulls behind you very easily. We really appreciated this feature when it was time to get on and off the monorail or bus at Disney World and we still appreciate it now when we’re loading and unloading it into the minivan.

But What about the Weight?

I was a little concerned about a few reviews I read that said the Britax B-Ready was heavy, especially when folded. I’m glad we decided to get it anyway. It is a bit heavier than our old stroller, but it’s so much smoother and easier to steer that the weight doesn’t matter when you’re using the stroller. The only time I notice the weight is when I’m taking it out of the minivan or loading it in. Even so, it’s not uncomfortably heavy, in my opinion. To tell the truth, I have so little time for exercise these days that I just count it as a little mini-workout!

Plenty of Room – Tons of Convenient Storage

One of the other features of the Britax B-Ready that we really love is all of the storage space. The under-seat storage is very generous and the really cool thing is that you can access it from any side of the stroller. You don’t have to walk around to the back to reach in and grab a snack or a jacket from the storage compartment.

Don’t I Deserve a Drink?

There’s also a very handy adult cup holder on the side. This was awesome at Disney, because we were constantly refilling our water bottle. It was extremely hot and humid while we were there. I really appreciated not having to

carry the water bottle or tuck it into the storage compartment.

Since I could steer with one hand very easily, I could grab my water bottle and get a quick drink without having to stop. This was really handy at Disney World, but I also love this feature now that we’re back home. I take the boys on a neighborhood walk each morning, and it’s wonderful to be able to have a nice cup of coffee with me.

The Britax B-Ready also comes with a generous rain cover, which came in very handy on the last day of our Disney vacation, when it poured for about fifteen minutes. My husband and I still got drenched, but the boys stayed good and dry.

The Britax B-Ready also came with car seat adapters for using it with the Britax car seats and I read that you can get adapters for other brands, too.

Here’s the Video I Found Which Sums it All

One picture is worth a thousand words, and one video is worth a thousand pictures.

(This video is actually made of still pictures only!!!)

It’s 1 minute long, take a look:

Where Can I Buy the Britax-B-Ready?

We paid a little under $500 for our stroller, but we were in a hurry and couldn’t wait for shipping, so we bought it at a local baby store. My sister-in-law loves ours and got one for her two-year old son and newborn daughter.

She found hers on Amazon for about $415.

This is also the best price for Britax B-Ready I could find ANYWHERE.

What about the Warranty?

The Britax B-Ready Stroller is backed by a limited two-year warranty.
We really love the Britax B-Ready Stroller. I gave our old stroller away to Goodwill as soon as we got home.