BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

Melinda, 30

South Carolina
Beauty Consultant / Writer

“We love this stroller.” About The BOB Revolution SE

Melinda B.

My husband and I got the BOB Revolution as a baby shower gift from his parents two years ago, when our son Troy was born. We have absolutely loved it and we wish it was a double stroller, since we’re expecting twins now!

Even if we can’t use this stroller with the twins, we’ve still gotten a great two years of use out of it and will continue to use it for troy.

Make a Great Jogging Stroller!

Even though the BOB Revolution isn’t sold as a jogging stroller, it makes a great one! My husband is a Marine and he runs daily to keep up with his (much younger) men and stay in shape in general. He’s been using the BOB Revolution to take Troy along since he was just a few months old. We loved that the included car seat adapter allowed us to just lift the car seat out of the car or house and pop it onto the stroller. Now that Troy’s older, he just walks to the stroller and gets in, but he’s still very safe in the seat when Tom takes him jogging because of the great harness.

Five Point Safety Harness makes Us Feel Secure

One of the things I’ve really loved about this stroller is the safety harness. I’ve seen some pretty flimsy harnesses on other strollers, but the BOB Revolution has a padded, five-point harness system very much like the car seats do. It’s got to be a lot more comfortable for kids, but the important thing to us is that he’s completely safe in the stroller. He’s never figured out how to unhook it and the few times we’ve hit a good bump or gone down a curb a little bit too hard, he’s been snug as a bug.

The Front Wheel Make a Huge Difference

I love the way they designed the front wheel on this stroller. It swivels completely around, which makes it so much easier to get around in tight places, like between clothing racks at the department store or just moving through a crowd.

The wheel also locks into the forward position, so that you can avoid it swiveling unnecessarily when you’re on a straightaway. Tom really appreciates that, since he has quite a lot of straight road on his run to the park and back. He says that jogging with this stroller is a lot easier than it was when he took his nephew on a run several years ago in a “jogging” stroller.

Folding and Hauling is Very Simple and Easy

Tom’s a big, strapping guy, but I’m only 5”3, so I really like that this stroller is so easy to load into the minivan and out again. I would have loved to have one of the strollers with the one-hand/one-step folding systems, but I wouldn’t trade this stroller for it! The stroller is lightweight enough for me to load it without any trouble and it’s only two steps to fold it and unfold it, which is no big deal, really. I think that will be more important with the twins once they’re born, but we’re fine right now. Troy is either in his seat or standing next to me while I fold and unfold the stroller. With infants, it may be a bigger factor to have one-hand folding.

Love the Adjustable Handlebars

Mine and Tom’s size difference brings up another thing we like a lot about the BOB Revolution: the adjustable handlebars. It’s really easy for Tom to extend them when he takes Troy out or if he’s pushing the stroller when we’re all out together. But, all I have to do is lower it again and the stroller fits me beautifully.

The Storage Compartment is Perfect

I really hope whatever stroller we get for the twins has a good storage compartment, because I’ve gotten spoiled with this one. It doesn’t look all that roomy, but it’s more than enough space for my purse and Troy’s backpack that we use instead of a diaper bag now. I’ve seen some strollers that had tiny compartments and moms that had diaper bags hanging from the handlebars, which looks like a real pain.

Where Can I Get the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller?

My in-laws bought this stroller at a baby boutique in their town and had it shipped to us.

However, I’ve seen it on Amazon for $449 plus free shipping. I’m not sure what they paid for the stroller, but I know the shipping was costly.

You should really take a look at the BOB Revolution SE Here

Some Great Add-Ons That Are Available

Bob Handlebar Console for Single Strollers, Black by BOB $24.99

What about the Warranty?

Limited five-year warranty on frame; limited one-year warranty on small parts and fabric.

We love this stroller. If you’re in the market for one that is great either indoors or as a jogging stroller, this is a great choice.