Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller Review

Andrea Pirelli, 35

New York
House wife

“I was amazed at the difference between our old stroller and the Baby Jogger City Elite.”

Andrea P.

Looks like even our neighbor’s kid Johnny prefers our stroller! : ))

My husband and I live in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, where we have a lot of cobblestone and brick sidewalks and paths. I love walking our 9 month old son Bryan all around the neighborhood and to the park on the river, but it was getting really hard to do it comfortably in the Graco stroller we’d gotten for our baby shower.

Needed a Better Street Stroller

The cobblestones and uneven brick were always catching us up and jolting both us and the stroller. I really needed something that would give me a smooth walk and Bryan a nice ride, so we could just enjoy our time. I also wanted to start jogging along the river and the Graco would have been impossible.

I looked at a lot of strollers online, especially jogging strollers, but had a hard time finding one that looked right. Some were really compact, but were made strictly for smoother terrains. Others looked like they could handle the terrain, but didn’t look like they would be comfortable for Bryan, who is not a tiny boy. My husband is 6’3 and Bryan definitely takes after him!

Surprised at the Awesome Quality

After reading a lot of great sounding reviews of the Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller, we decided that it looked like it was well-worth the somewhat high price. We definitely believe in buying things we think will offer the most use and the longest life.

Once the stroller arrived, we were thrilled with the quality of the construction. This is our first purchase from the company, so we weren’t familiar with how well their products are made. Everything about the Baby Jogger City Elite is top quality. The whole stroller is extremely sturdy and well made. The handlebar is very thick and comfortable, the tires are big and very well balanced and the seat construction is wonderful.

The Best Walking and Jogging Stroller Ever!

As soon as we had the stroller put together and ready to go, we took it for a trial run through our neighborhood and over to the Promenade, a walking park that runs along the river, with an amazing view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

I was amazed at the difference between our old stroller and the Baby Jogger City Elite.

We went from cobblestone to brick to asphalt and back again with no problems at all. The wheels didn’t get hung up on the uneven bricks and going over curbs was effortless, too.

I had been a little worried that it would be hard to push and maneuver the stroller, because it was heavier than I expected, but the design of the handlebar and the tires made it so easy and comfortable.

A Great Ride for the Baby

There are so many features in the Baby Jogger City Elite that Bryan absolutely loves. The canopy is one thing that makes this such a great stroller for him. There are three separate windows, one in back, so he can see me, one on top so that he can see up and one in front so he can see ahead. He absolutely loves this!

The seat is also a huge difference for him. The padding is really high quality, so he seems really comfortable, even on bumpy terrain or during a long walk or jog. He also loves the kick pad that extends out, so that he can stretch out his legs while still sitting up, instead of just having his legs dangling.

Adjustable Handlebar is Awesome for Parents

There are a lot of really great extra details in this stroller that make it as awesome for parents as it is for kids. One of the first things we fell in love with was the adjustable handlebar. Most other strollers we saw, especially lower priced ones, just adjusted the angle of the handlebar, if they adjusted at all.

The Baby Jogger City Elite actually has a handlebar that adjusts up and down as well. This is really significant for us, because my husband is 6’3 and I’m only 5’1! On our trial run together, we figured out how easy it was to switch out pushing the stroller without one of us being really uncomfortable. My husband said his back really appreciated not having to lean over to push the stroller!

The Parent Control Console is a Must Have

Another feature we loved was the parent Control Center Console that we bought separately for about $20. It was well worth it. It has a cup holder for my coffee or a water bottle, plus an insulated cooler compartment for snacks and juice boxes or bottles. This alone helps to make the stroller worth the high price. We used to spend quite a bit of money on coffee, drinks and snacks during our days out, simply because the storage area was a hassle and we didn’t want to bring an insulated bag.

Now we just pack some fruit and cheese, a juice box or two and some water and we’re all set for a snack at the playground or a mini-picnic in the park. I love that!


Where Can I Buy the Baby Jogger City Elite?

What about the Warranty?

Amazon Baby offers a 365-Day free return policy. There’s also a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty.

Possible Add-Ons

We got the Parent Control Panel Console and just love it. You can also get a Child Tray made to fit the Baby Jogger City Elite.


The Baby Jogger City Elite fits children up to 75lbs., so we expect to use it for quite a long time. It will definitely be a great long-term investment!