Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller Review

Christina White, 38

Home Health Care Nurse

“Even with two toddlers loaded up,
The City Mini Double feels light and smooth
and is very easy to maneuver.”

By Christina W.

My parents and my sister and her husband were kind enough to go in on this together as a Christmas gift for me last year. It may sound like a strange Christmas gift, but it was a wonderful gift!

We Really Needed Something Better

I’m a divorced Mom with four kids. Jilly is 9, Nicole is 7, Paul is 4 and Rebecca is 3. One of the things we really love to do is to go to the playground and pool that is part of our development. The older girls like to ride their bikes, and I walk the two younger kids. Before, our only option was to take the big, bulky double stroller that we had. It was a huge ordeal.

Our old stroller was really built for indoor use, like at the mall. It didn’t handle curbs well at all, and even uneven sidewalks gave us a lot of trouble. It was also a really heavy model and I ended up being exhausted by the time we got to the pool or the playground. I also had sore hands and wrists, from wrestling the thing over bumps or cracks in the sidewalks.

The Ultimate Outdoor Stroller

The very first time we took this out for a test walk around the neighborhood, I fell in love with it. This stroller really is made for outdoor use. The two front wheels (really two pairs) are in the center of the stroller instead of on the sides and this makes a huge difference. I can turn very easily and even turn in circles, without having to back and turn, back and turn. This is awesome for getting around tight spaces.

Curbs and bumpy sidewalks are no longer an issue for us. It’s as smooth as it can possibly get. Even with two toddlers loaded up, the City Mini Double feels light and smooth and is very easy to maneuver.

Individually Adjustable Canopies and Seats

The kids really love the Baby Jogger City Mini, too. The canopy is very high, so it covers them well from the sun and rain, but they’re still able to see out very well. I can even adjust the canopies individually, which is awesome for when one child falls asleep and the other one is wide awake. My 4 year old says it’s very comfortable, too. I love that I can change the seat positions individually, too. My old stroller didn’t have adjustable seats, which was a pain. These seats recline all the way to a lying position and one child can lie down while the other remains sitting up.

The Storage Compartment is Tricky

The storage area underneath the seats is the only drawback I have found with this stroller. You have both a bar and the seat straps in your way if you need to get into the storage compartment from the back. It’s a lot easier if the kids aren’t in the stroller, so I just don’t put anything in there that I might need before we get to the pool or playground.

The Cooler pack is a Great Accessory

One thing I did do, and I’m so glad I did, was get the insulated cooler pack that’s available for Baby Jogger strollers. It fits over the bottom bar, in front of the storage area, and it was a great investment, especially at only $18.  We like to pack juice boxes, sandwiches, yogurt and string cheese in there and we’re all set for a picnic at the pool or playground, instead of having to go home for lunch. I also love this feature for when we go to the flea market or farmer’s market, because I don’t have to spend money on snacks there.

One Handed Folding is a Blessing!

Another thing I absolutely love about the Baby Jogger City Mini is the fact that I can fold it up with just one hand. This is a handy thing for anyone, but for a Mom with two toddlers and two other young children, it’s an absolute necessity! You just have to undo the four safety straps in back, and then you can easily close it up with one hand. I’ve never seen this feature in a double stroller before and I appreciate it so much.

I might never have bought this stroller myself; since I’m a single Mom now and really wouldn’t spend for a high-end stroller. However, if I had been able to try it first, I might have done it. My old stroller, which was a pain to use, cost almost $300. The extra cost, for a stroller we actually love, is really well worth it.

Where Can I Get the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller?

What about the Warranty?

The stroller has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, plus Amazon baby has a one year free return policy.

I absolutely love this stroller and so do the kids. This is honestly one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever gotten.