Our Mom Panel

Becky Ritter

Becky lives in Santa Clara, CA with husband Mike and their son Quinn (7) and daughter Sara (2) Becky’s a seventh-grade English teacher and avid cyclist, runner and surfer. She loves going to the beach with her family, hiking and camping in the mountains and helping Mike study for his law school classes.

Kim Dunham

Kim is a 27-year old mom to Jim (3) and Adam (6 mos.)
Her husband Rick is a social worker and she is a very happy stay-at-home-Mom.
They live in Chapel Hill, NC and enjoy biking, flea markets, traveling and raising
Yorkshire Terriers.

Andrea Pirelli

Andrea and her husband Leo live in Brooklyn, NY and have just celebrated their second anniversary by welcoming their first child, Bryan, into their world. Leo is a radiology technician

Paulette Frank

Paulette lives in Kingsport, TN with her beautiful daughter Jana (3). Paulette is an accountant who works from home and has enjoyed starting a babysitting co-op in her neighborhood this year.
She and Jana also love to spend time at the playground, chase ducks at the river and watch Disney movies.

Alexis Boyd

Alexis and her husband Toby have three children; Micah (6) and twins Regina and Kyle (3).
Alexis is a stay at home Mom and Toby is a pediatric dentist. They live in Salem, OR and are active in scouting and in their neighborhood’s community garden. Alexis loves being the mom to twins and thinks it’s made her a much more patient mother.

Christina White

Christina White is a home health care nurse in her hometown of Houston, TX, where she is the proud mom of Jilly (9), Nicole (7), Paul (4) and Rebecca (3). Christina is very active in her church and enjoys teaching Sunday School, painting and barbecues with her many brothers and sisters.

Tammy Driscoll-Hart

Tammy and her husband Wayne live in Atlanta, GA with their son Drew (3) and are expecting daughter Lily any minute. Tammy is studying to be a child psychologist and Wayne is a sales rep for a local home improvement company. They’re both avid horseback riders and Tammy loves taking Drew to her parents’ horse farm nearby.

Paige Mitchell

Paige lives in Miami, FL with her husband Ian and their three-year old sons Gregory and James.
Paige has a home day care business and Ian is an elementary school teacher. They love boating and deep sea fishing and Paige is also a fanatical scrapbooker!

Danielle Ryan

Danielle and her husband Pete own a B&B in Montreat, NC. They are also the delighted parents of Adrienne (6) and Emma (4). Danielle homeschools both girls and loves being able to take part in their educations. The family loves meeting people from all over the country and being active in their community.

Melinda Burroughs

Melinda lives in Havelock, SC, where her husband Tom is stationed with the United States Marine Corps. They are the proud parents of Troy (2) and are expecting boy/girl twins in October. Melinda is a part-time beauty consultant and also writes a gardening column for her local paper. The family loves weekends at the beach and visiting nearby historical sites.