The First Years True Fit Convertible Review

Christina White, 38

Home Health Care Nurse

I Liked it So Much I Bought Two!

I’ve been a nurse for almost twelve years and spent my first two years as an ER nurse, so I’m very, very picky about car seats. I have four kids, and my two youngest are four and three. Last winter, I needed to get a convertible car seat for my son Paul, then three, and ended up getting this one. I loved it so much that three weeks later I got one for Rebecca, too,

who was just turning two.

Great Value for a Low Price

I’m divorced and can’t spend $300 or more on a car seat, much less two of them. It was really important to me that I find the best and safest car seat in my price range. The First Years True Fit is an awesome deal. It has the safety features and convenient extras that I needed and then some. I think it’s very comparable to some car seats that cost twice as much.

Harness System Extends For Safety

Like I said, safety is my priority when buying a car seat, and there are so many good safety features in the First Years True Fit.

First of all, you can use the harness system right up to 65 pounds and 50 inches. I really appreciate this, because a lot of car seats require that you use the car seat belts long before this size. As a former ER nurse, I know that that is not the safest way to secure an older child into the car. I want my kids harnessed into a car seat for as long as possible. Fortunately, my kids are fairly small, so I think they’ll be able to use these seats and the harness system for a good long time. I will definitely get my money’s worth out of them.

Really Great Safety Features

The First Years True Fit has a really low center of gravity to keep it secure in an accident and that plus the foam inside help it to distribute the force of an impact very well. It also has really deep side wells to protect my kids and especially their heads in the event of a side-impact. This really helps me feel that they’re safe in the car should we get hit from the side.

Highest Ratings for being Easy to Use

One of the reasons I decided to buy the first First Years True Fit was that it got the only four star rating on Ease of Use by the traffic safety commission. I know that improperly installed car seats cause an awful lot of injuries every year and I wanted to make sure that I could use the car seat properly to keep my kids safe. These seats are so easy to use and to adjust.

I was able to install the car seat in less than half an hour, which is really saying something, because I’m not very talented in assembly or installation of anything. If I can do it by myself, anyone can.

Once it’s in, the car seat is really easy to adjust. I love that you don’t have to pull the straps all the way out, change position and then put them back in to adjust the strap height.  I had to do that with all of my older car seats and it was such a headache. Usually the straps ended up getting tangled, too.

Removable Headrest is a Great Option

My kids are big enough that they can use the headrest, but I really like the way they made the headrest removable so that it fits better in a rear-facing position. If I were going to have another baby, I would definitely hang onto this seat to use as an infant car seat. Some convertibles are really too tall to fit well in the rear-facing position, especially if you need the front seat quite far back.

Really Easy to Clean

Even though ease of cleaning was way behind safety on my priority list, I really appreciate how easy it is to clean these seats. As a home health care nurse, I often drive patients to the grocery store or doctor’s office and I really hate having them see a messy car or dirty car seats. With a four year old and a three year old, we have a lot of spills and smears happen. The seat covers usually wipe clean very easily with a baby wipe, but they also pop off quickly to be washed in the washing machine. I’ve never tried drying them in the dryer and I don’t know if you can. I just set them out on the grass to dry in the sun and they’re dry in about an hour. They come out looking great and still look new.

Stay Cool Padding is Really Appreciated

Another detail I didn’t expect but really love is that the padding on the seats stays cool on hot days. We live in TX, where’s it’s extremely hot most of the year and the sun can be brutal. I used to have to check the car seat padding and usually had to run the air to cool them off before putting the kids in. The padding on the First Years True Fit stays much, much cooler, even when we’ve been parked out in the open sun for a while, like at the mall or my parents’ ranch. I love not having to worry about the kids burning their little legs on a hot seat.

Where Can I Get the First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat?

I got Paul’s (the first one) seat at Target for a little under $140, but when I decided to get the second one from Amazon because they had it for $124 and free shipping. That’s a much better deal. I wasn’t comfortable buying a car seat without seeing and touching it first, which is why I got the first one at Target, but I appreciated the savings on the second one.