First Years True Fit C670 Premier Convertible Review

Alexis, 30

Salem, OR
Stay at home Mom

The Safety Test Ratings Sold Us

We have three year old boy/girl twins and bought these First Years True Fit 670 Premier Car Seats last month. We had another brand that I won’t mention, because they were good car seats as far as safety went, but were really hard to use. The straps were a hassle and it was almost impossible to disengage the anchors and remove the seats. This was a huge

hassle when we needed to move the seats from my minivan to my husband’s or even to take them out to adjust the straps.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Association’s Highest


We spent a lot of time researching our new car seats. Two car seats is an expensive investment. We didn’t want to make a costly mistake and end up having to shop all over again. We wanted the safest car seats we could find and we wanted them to be easier to use than the ones we had.

The NHTSA five star rating is what really sold us on these car seats. The rating was for ease of use; basically, how easy it is to install the seats properly and adjust them safely. That was exactly what we wanted to hear. We didn’t see any other car seats that got this five star rating, other than one of the other First Years models.

Everything We Read Was True

Once we got the seats, we were thrilled to find out that everything we’d read from the NHTSA was true. The manual made it very easy to understand how to install the seats properly, to make sure they were tethered correctly and to adjust the straps so that the twins were safe and secure. I really needed seats that I could adjust or fix or transfer on my own, if need be, and know that the kids were secured correctly. I’ve heard plenty of terrible stories about kids hurt because their car seats were improperly installed.

The Rebound Energy Management Design Makes Us Feel Very Safe

One of the safety features we were really excited about, and love now, is the Rebound Energy management system. I can’t really say I understand all of the technical details, but I do know that it’s designed to minimize the amount of rebound if we are in an accident. I also know that a lot of child injuries are due to too much give and rebound in the car seat. This really makes us feel good, knowing that this seat has that feature.

Deep Wells on the Side for Extra Protection

We also really like the fact that the First Years 670 Premier has extra deep wells on the sides of the car seats to protect children from the impact of a side collision. We especially like this because we do have twins, and can’t install both car seats in the center of the back seats. Our kids are on the sides, and that worried us a bit ever since we knew we were having twins. Our old car seats did have side impact protection, but it was nowhere near as high or as extensive.

Easy to Adjust the Straps

Another thing we love is that we can adjust the shoulder straps much more easily. You don’t even have to take the straps out! There are levers on the sides for adjusting the shoulder strap height and they even have a little guide on the side to tell you what position the straps should be in, which I think is really great.

Take out the Cushion without Taking out the Straps

While I’m on the subject of the straps, we didn’t know until we got the seats that you don’t have to unthread the straps to remove the cushions. That is awesome! I hated having to wash our old ones because it took me an hour or more just to get them out and back in again. With these, the cushions snap right out so you can wash them and pop them back in again.

Where Can I Get the First Years True Fit 670?

We found that Amazon was cheaper on these by about $20 from where we looked locally. We paid $216 and got free shipping besides. They also give you free return shipping for a year.