Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Review

Tammy, 30

Atlanta, GA
Child psychology student

You Cannot Beat the Value on This Car Seat

We bought this car seat when we were expecting our son, Drew, who is now three. Obviously, he outgrew it a long time ago, but we’re going to be using it for our daughter, who’s due in just a couple of weeks.  We even took back a car seat we got at the baby shower and used the credit to get a new crib. We just really like the Chicco Keyfit. We know how to use it, we trust it and we don’t think we’d find a better one in this price range.

The Design of the Base is Terrific

One of the first things we loved when we got this car seat is the way the base is made. You adjust the latch right in the center of the base with one pull, so it’s easy to get it just right without having to pull the seat out and put it back in repeatedly. Another great thing about the base is that it has two bubble levels and they are very easy to read and make it easy to level the car seat for the maximum safety.

The base is also extremely sturdy and stable. We’ve never had an accident with it, but we did have to stop very quickly once when a car pulled out in front of us. We were going about 45mph and the car seat didn’t even budge.

I’ve seen so many car seats that flopped around in this type of situation. I’m sure that sometimes it’s due to improper installation, but it makes us feel very good knowing that this car seat base makes the car seat so secure.

Very Easy to Use with Our Stroller

When we got this car seat, we were inexperienced, first-time parents who had never even used a car seat before. It did take us a little bit of trial and error to figure out how to install it and how we were supposed to adjust it, but once we did, it was very easy to use. One of the reasons we love the Chicco Keyfit is that it fits right into our Britax stroller. We have the attachment that adapts the stroller to Chicco car seats and we love the ability to pop out the car seat and lock it into the stroller.

So Easy to Use This Car Seat

Along the same lines, this car seat is easy even for new parents to use. The harness straps don’t get so tangled up as I’ve seen other car seats do and they adjust very easily, without having to take the whole car seat apart. There’s an extra insert for newborns, to give them extra support and padding. It keeps the straps where they belong and gives them a more snug fit in the seat. We used it until Drew was almost nine months old, because it gave his head and neck extra support and seemed to keep him more comfortable.

One thing I really liked about the insert was that it was so easy to take off and clean. You just throw it in the washing machine and then hang it to dry. Our still looks almost new.

Cleans Up Very Well

The main part of the seat is also easy to remove and clean. I usually managed to wipe spills and smudges clean with some Formula 409 and a sponge, as long as I caught it quickly enough, but I have had to wash it in the washing machine several times. It removes fairly easily, but I have to admit it was frustrating trying to get it back on the first time. Since it was easy the next time and every time after that, I’d say my difficulty the first time was probably more me than the seat.

Like the infant insert, the seat cleans really well. I always washed it in cold water and Woolite, just to be safe and it looks very close to new even now.

A Very Comfortable Ride for Baby

I already mentioned that the infant insert was really comfortable for Drew, but even after we took it out, he was always very comfortable. Even though this isn’t one of the really high-priced car seats, the padding is very plush and it designed to keep kids comfortable. It’s also a lot softer to the touch than some of the other car seats I’ve touched or even Drew’s new convertible seat. I don’t know if it’s the same material that Chicco uses on all of their seats, but we really like it.

Fits in Small Cars, too

We were too inexperienced with car seats to think about the size of the car seat when we bought it, but it’s a great one for smaller cars. I had a Volkswagon Bug when Drew was born and then bought a Toyota Camry last year. This car seat fits very well in a smaller car. In the Volkswagon, my husband had plenty of room to move the seat back to give him leg room.  I know several parents who had trouble with using their car seats in smaller cars, especially with a driver who was tall.

The fact that we can use this seat for our second baby really makes us feel that we got an awesome value for our money, besides having a really safe car seat that we, as parents, can trust.

Where Can I Get the Chicco Keyfit Car Seat and Base?

We got our Chicco Keyfit at Babies-R-Us for about $175 three years ago. I don’t know if they still carry it, but I know that Amazon has it for $179 and that comes with Amazon’s one year free return shipping. You won’t need it though. This is a terrific seat.