Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Review

Danielle, 38

North Carolina

We Love the Incredible Safety Features

We have two daughters, Adrienne is 6 and Emma is 4. Adrienne has a Britax booster seat that was given to us by a friend from church, so when it was time to get Emma out of her infant car seat, we looked primarily at Britax. Although we did consider some other brands, the Britax car seats, especially their convertible car seats, kept standing out to us as the best choices. Based on reviews we read online and at Consumer Reports, we finally decided on the Britax Frontier 85 and we were really, really happy with our decision. To us, Britax just goes so far beyond the safety standards and safety is our number one priority in a car seat.

The Versa Tether System Really Stands Out

The first safety feature that we love is the Versa Tether System. The Britax Frontier 85 has two anchors to attach the top of the car seat to your back dash, instead of just one, like many other car seats. They did this to minimize the forward motion of the car seat if you stop suddenly or get into an accident. We’ve seen videos that show how much some car seats are thrown forward in an accident, even at 35mph, so this was a big deal to us. Thankfully, we haven’t had to see it in action, but the seat feels very, very secure. You can’t move it forward or tilt it at all when it’s fastened in.

Side Impact Protection and Head Protection

The Britax Frontier 85 also has excellent side impact protection built into its design, which gives us a lot of peace of mind. The car seat has really deep side walls and protection for the sides of the head, as well as extra head support so that Emma’s head is kept safe from side impact. Another thing we like is the HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) which keeps Emma’s head from pitching forward too much in an accident or because of a quick stop.

The base of the Britax Frontier 85 is also specially designed for safety. It is engineered to remain stable like all car seats, but it also has extra foam and a design that help it to absorb and evenly distribute impact. That was just one more thing that made us feel good about putting Emma in this seat.

Really Easy to Adjust the Seat When Needed

Some of the convertible car seats we looked at seemed like they would be a great deal of hassle to adjust as Emma grew. One of the reasons we chose this one is that a lot of the reviews said it was easy to adjust. They were right. I’m not the best as threading, rethreading and adjusting straps and I get really impatient with doing those things. This car seat is really easy to adjust as your child grows. We’ve had it for two years now and adjusted the straps several times.

You can adjust the height of the straps with one hand, by using the lever to raise the headrest. It’s as simple as that. The shoulder straps are connected to the headrest, so when you adjust it up, the straps go up, too. You can also adjust the slack on the straps from the front, which is awesome. You don’t have to hold a big button with one hand while you kill your other hand reaching around back. I so love this feature!

Excellent Protection All the Way up to 120 lbs

The buckle in front also is adjustable. We haven’t had to change it yet, as Emma is a bit petite for her age, but it adjusts to three different positions. I love that we can keep Emma in the five-point harness all the way up to 85lbs, too. Most car seats would have the booster and seat belt combination only by that weight. The booster seat alone will accommodate her all the way up to 120lbs. I think that’s awesome, especially for parents of larger children.

The Seat is Super Comfortable for our Daughter

We’re not the only ones that love this car seat. Emma says it’s very comfortable and she certainly looks comfortable in it. I’ve noticed that her head stays supported better, especially if she nods off on road trips, which we take on long weekends fairly often. We close our inn during the winter, so we love to travel to Florida or the Georgia coast when we get tired of winter here in the North Carolina mountains.

The padding is very cushy and comfy, not hard and flat like many car seats. I’ve noticed that it stays cool, too, even in the summer, which can get really hot here. I appreciate that little detail, as we used to have to put a towel under our daughter when we’d been parked in the sun a while.

Easily Fits in our Small Car

Another thing I love is that this car seat and the large booster we have for our other daughter fit very nicely into my Honda Accord. There’s still ample room for me to put the front seats back and plenty of space on the back seat, between the two car seats, for backpacks and toys.

Where Can I Get the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat?

We do most of our shopping online and we got our Britax Frontier 85 at Amazon. In addition to the Britax Limited One Year Warranty, Amazon has a free 365-day return policy, which we like having.  When we bought ours almost two years ago,  Amazon was charging $275, but I see it’s down to $224 now, which is an awesome deal.

We love this car seat and wouldn’t trade it for anything. We’re looking at getting another one for our six year old daughter, since she’s tiny too and will be in a booster seat for at least another year or two.