Britax Boulevard 70 CS Convertible Review

Melinda, 30

South Carolina
Beauty Consultant / Writer

We Love it Enough to Buy Three!

Make no mistake; the Britax Boulevard 70 is a higher-priced car seat, at least it is for people like us. My husband is a Marine and I only work part time, so we are always on a tight budget. However, we had this seat given to us as a gift for our son’s birthday last year (he’s two) and loved it so much that we knew it was the seat we wanted for our twins, who are due October 3.

Well Worth Saving Up For

I realize that it was easier for us to make this decision than it would be for parents who weren’t familiar with the Britax Boulevard 70 seat firsthand, but believe me, this seat is one of the safest and easiest to use that you will ever find. We have been saving for the twins’ seats for three months and finally got them the day before yesterday. I delivered Troy three weeks early and my doctor is pretty sure I’ll deliver the twins early, too, so we want to be prepared.

We Feel Very Confident that Our Kids Are Safe

Safety is our number one concern when it comes to Troy and to the two little ones who aren’t here yet. My husband, being a Marine, is very efficient and thorough and he read everything he could on this seat when we got it, then went through the manual and tested the straps, the base and the locking clips many times before Troy ever got in it.

We love the fact that this seat is reinforced with steel bars, and not just heavy plastic. We want as much protection around our kids as possible. We also really appreciate the Safe Cell technology that went into this seat. The Safe Cells are designed to compress when you’re in an accident. It absorbs a lot of the shock of an impact, which keeps your baby much safer from injury.

No Guessing About the Straps

We also love how simple Britax made it to adjust the straps and make sure the harness fits properly.

With our first car seat, we weren’t always sure that the seat was in securely, since we had to transfer it between my husband’s car and mine fairly frequently. We also had some problems when it was time to adjust the straps, because we had to take the car seat out of the car, pull the straps all the way out and then fight to get them back in.

With the Britax Boulevard, it’s very simple to secure the seat in the car and do it properly. Adjusting the straps is also a lot easier, because it has a harness indicator to let you know that the straps are in the safe range. It makes a very clear clicking noise when you have the straps right. To me, that seems a lot more accurate than the two-finger method of checking. My husband’s fingers are a heck of a lot thicker than mine.

Really Easy to Clean

This may sound a little trivial, but I love how easy it is to clean the fabric on this car seat. Troy’s not the neatest little boy, bless his heart. We take frequent car trips from NC to see my parents in Baltimore and my husband’s brothers in GA, and Troy usually does quite a bit of snacking on the road. We’ve had milkshakes, grape juice and bananas smeared or spilled on this seat and it looks brand new. It’s very easy to remove the seat cushion and wash it, either with a shower sprayer or in the washing machine.

Where Can I Get the Britax Boulevard 70?

Troy’s was a gift, but we got the twins’ seats from Amazon because they had the best price and could ship them to us for free. We paid $255 each for them.