Britax Advocate 70 CS Click & Safe Convertible Review

Kim Dunham, 35

North Carolina

Excellent Safety and Complete Luxury

We purchased the Britax Advocate 70 for our younger son, who is now six months. With our three year old son, we bought an infant car seat first, and then bought a convertible car seat when he was 14 months.  This time around, we wanted to spend more and get a really good convertible seat to start with. We knew it would be less expensive in the long run than buying two car seats.

We did a lot of online research and also asked a lot for friends for suggestions and Britax was always the name that came up. We had a Britax stroller and knew how awesome the craftsmanship was, so we narrowed our search just to Britax. After that, we quickly decided on the Advocate model. We have been so happy with it!

A Luxury Ride for Babies

The Britax Advocate 70 is nicer than the seats in either one of our cars, LOL. My husband’s a social worker and I’m a stay at home mom, so we are by no means wealthy. My husband has a Durango we bought used and I have a Saturn sedan that we bought new in 2002. We’re not car people at all, preferring to spend our money carefully, allowing me to stay home with the boys.

This car seat is seriously luxurious. That’s not the first priority in a car seat by any means, but it was the first thing we noticed. Adam is completely surrounded by plush cushioning and very soft fabric. He’s got great head support, too, with none of that head flopping during naps that looks so uncomfortable. He can’t talk yet, of course, but I’d guess that he’s really cozy. I really like the quality of the comfort features. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, since our Britax stroller is the same way.

Fantastic Engineering for Safety

What sold us on the Britax Advocate was the design of the seat for safety. We want our kids to be safe, first and foremost. We read so much about the safety features of this seat that we knew we were getting something that was truly designed with children’s safety in mind.

The steel reinforcement, side-impact air bladders, the Safe Cell things that lower the seat’s center of gravity in an accident-all of these things convinced us to buy the Britax Advocate. I don’t understand some of the engineering, but I know that we’ve got excellent protection for Adam if something awful happens. I feel very safe with him in this seat; so much so that we’re saving to get Jim (our three year old) one next month.

Easy to Make Sure Your Kids are in Properly

I know one of the things that makes this car seat so safe is that Britax made it really easy to make sure that your child is buckled in correctly. It’s very easy to adjust the straps, without having to take the seat all the way out. I’ve seen parents throw up their hands and drive anyway, when they knew the straps weren’t right, simply because it would have been a huge hassle to fix. That’s a scary thought, but it’s understandable, too.

I’ve struggled with car seat straps many a time, and this seat makes it so much easier. It’s also easier to make sure that the straps are right to begin with. Instead of shoving your fingers under them, the Click Safe feature actually makes a clicking noise when you’ve adjusted the straps to a safe fit. I think that’s really cool.

If you’re like me, you want the safest car seat you can possibly afford. We decided the Britax Advocate was the best one for us and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Where Can I Get the Britax Advocate 70?

We got ours on Amazon because it was the best price at the time (about eight months ago) and we liked that we could ship it back for free if there was an issue.