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We Finally Found the Best Rated Baby Monitor on the Market!
Find out which brand beat out all of the other

Several weeks ago, readers challenged and our Mom’s Panel to agree on one video baby monitor that we could call “The Best Baby Video Monitor on the Market”.

I’ll just say right up front that we actually thought this one was going to be nothing but easy.

First of all, MyBaby and the Mom’s Panel is all about trying and reviewing the best baby equipment available, and we’ve suggested several wonderful baby monitors. Secondly, between us we have hundreds of years of mothering experience. Third, out of all of the baby monitors we’ve suggested, two brands were the clear frontrunners. Lastly, we’re all geniuses.

Needless to say, once again, we underestimated how much it was going to take for all of us to agree on one single baby monitor that we could name as “The Best Baby Video Monitor on the Market”.

Even though we agreed right away that we only needed to compare the best baby monitor from each of our two favorite brands, we all had some very serious ideas about what made a great baby monitor the best rated baby monitor. It took us a week or so to nail down what features were going to be used to judge the baby monitors.

Here’s what we decided:

  • The best baby monitor would have to be very user friendly. Lots of extra features wouldn’t be any good if you couldn’t figure out how to use them or they were too much of a hassle to use.
  • The best baby monitor would have to be durable and well made. Monitors get moved around a lot, which makes them easy to damage.
    Since our peace of mind (and possibly our baby’s safety) depends on everything working properly, this was a big consideration.
  • The best baby monitor would have to be a real multi-tasker. We’re willing to spend on anything that keeps our children safe, but added value is a real bonus.
  • The best baby monitor would have to be affordable to a mom on a tight budget. No matter how much money they make, every parent has the right to feel that their baby is safe and secure.

But once we had the two models we all agreed were the best of our favorites, and the criteria we were going to use to judge them, it took us weeks of testing and evaluating to finally come to agreement.

We assembled and disassembled, moved them around the house and traveled with them, used them with babies and toddlers, on battery and AC, during the day and at night. We bumped them, dragged them and abused them. (One mom even dropped the audio unit in her hot tub, but that wasn’t part of the testing protocol.)

Finally, after a week of decision-making and two weeks of testing and evaluating and sharing owner experiences, we had a clear winner.

Which baby monitor did we all agree was “The Best Baby Monitor on the Market”?

It was the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5” LCD Screen.
We love it. In fact, one of our moms on the Mom’s Panel actually went out and bought one, even though her kids are six and four. She has it in their basement playroom and uses it to see what they’re getting into and to communicate with the kids without running up and down the stairs. (We thought that was a really cool idea! Moms with babies take note: you can use this monitor later to save a lot of steps!)

Here’s what made the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor our winner:

Plentiful Features that Are Easy to Use

The fact that the Motorola is so easy to use is one of the biggest factors that led to our decision to name it “The Best Baby Monitor on the Market”.
There are some really nice monitors out there that would be great if you could figure out how to use them, or if they were just physically easier to use.
The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor not only has a smooth learning curve, it’s also designed so that you can use all of the features quickly and easily.

It’s a cinch to set up, and whether you’re panning or zooming the camera, monitoring or setting the volume levels, switching from battery to electric or using it to communicate with the baby or someone else in the baby’s room, you can do it quickly and easily. Even those of us who admit we’re terrible with buttons and gadgets had an easy time using this monitor.

Like we said, all the cool features in the world won’t do you any good if they’re a mystery or a pain, and this monitor makes using its cool features simple and painless. And it has a huge number of really awesome features!

Everything You Want in a Baby Monitor

It’s hard to know where to start or when to stop when describing the features built in to the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor.

First of all, it’s wireless. This is so superior to many other monitors that work on an antenna system. Not only is the system is completely mobile, it also warns you with a beeping sound if you’re getting close to being out of range. Other monitors we’ve tested don’t do that and it can be really stressful to realize that you’ve been out of range for an hour while you worked in the garden or did laundry in the basement. The range, by the way, is 200 yards, which is plenty for almost any situation. We also loved that cell phones and internet didn’t interfere with the wireless signal one bit.

Another favorite feature is the panning/zooming and nighttime capabilities of the monitor. You can pan from an empty crib across the entire room (Moms with escaping toddlers will understand the importance of that!) with just the push of a button. You can also adjust the zoom so that you can super-close to monitor baby’s breathing or take in a bigger portion of the room to keep an eye on a wandering crawler. It’s important to note here that you can switch back and forth on these features right from your screen-no need to adjust the camera itself from inside the room.

The infrared nighttime screen is wonderfully clear, with a lot more detail than the other model we tested. Since night time monitoring is so important, especially for parents of newborns, this is a really important point.
One of our other favorite features (and one that’s really hard to find) is the two-way communication. With the press of a button, the monitor becomes an intercom. This is wonderful on so many levels. If your baby just needs a soothing word or two to get to sleep, or if you need a couple of minutes before you get baby up from a nap, all you have to do is press a button, and your baby will hear your voice.

This is also great for communicating with another adult or an older child in the baby’s room. If you hear Dad searching for the new pack of diapers, you can let him know where they are without walking across the house or stopping whatever you’re doing.

The lullaby feature is another little nicety that we love. There are five lullabies built into the system, to help your baby get to sleep peacefully and happily. We think that’s a really nice perk and it really adds to the value of the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor.

Peace of Mind That Anyone Can Afford

High-quality baby monitors do not come cheaply, and those with lots of great features with these can cost well over $300. We cruised the internet for prices from reputable dealers, and the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor can be found for less than $210. This makes it extremely affordable for families on a budget.

This Baby Monitor is Built to Last

Durability and good design were another important factor for us when deciding which baby monitor would win the title of “The Best Baby Monitor on the Market”. We’re happy to say that this baby monitor is one tough cookie. We dropped the audio units on the floor, knocked the video monitors over, drove to Grandma’s with the units in the trunk and, like we said, we did drop one audio unit into the hot tub. That one had to be replaced, by the way, but since it isn’t meant for underwater use, we didn’t count that against it.

All in all, we are very confident that we really did find “The Best Baby Monitor on the Market”. It’s a great product at a great price and is made to last for several years or several babies!

Where Can You Get “The Best Baby Monitor on the Market” at a Great Price?

We don’t actually sell any products at, we just evaluate and review them. But we do look for the best dealers and prices on the internet and the best price for the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor seems to be found on Amazon. The free shipping makes an extra great value. It does seem to go out of stock fairly quickly, though, so if you see it, you’d probably better grab it.