Best Lightweight Stroller

Looking for the Best Lightweight Baby Stroller You Can Buy?
So Were We and We Finally Found It!

Best Lightweight Stroller
Do you remember when you were a teenager and you thought you knew everything about everything? Ever realize you’re acting like that again?
I did, recently, and I wasn’t really happy about it, especially since I tease my teenaged daughter about it all the time.

What’s worse is that I did in front of her, so I’m still hearing about it. It’s bad enough that our readers and the wonderful gals on our Mom’s Panel are giving me a hard time, but when my 14 year old snickers at me it’s a little hard to take.

I Like to Think I Know What I’m Talking About

So what did I think I knew that I really didn’t? Well, I thought that I knew better than everybody else when it came to deciding which stroller available on the market was the best lightweight baby stroller you could buy.

See, I don’t like going with the majority. I also have personally owned two of the next best competitor’s strollers and loved them, so I was always the dissenter when it came to which lightweight baby stroller was absolutely the best one.
Not that I don’t like the brand that won; far from it. It’s always been known and respected for quality. I just didn’t agree that it was the best lightweight baby stroller money could buy.

A Little Disagreement-In a Loving Way, of Course

So there was a bit of a debate between me and the majority of our readers and Mom’s Panel members. Most of them couldn’t sing this stroller’s praises loudly enough and it was on our Top Ten List of the best baby strollers. I and just a few others went with another wonderful brand on our list. However, none of us had ever owned the stroller that everyone was saying was the best lightweight baby stroller ever. So we decided to do a little experiment.

Here at, we may not sell any baby stuff, but we review and recommend hundreds of car seats, strollers, play yards and other baby items every year. Those recommendations come from the input of our mom’s Panel and our wonderful readers.

Time for a Little Experiment

To settle what we had named, “The Great Lightweight Stroller Debate”, we decided to do things a little differently. The Moms who owned the stroller in question loaned them to some moms who didn’t, including me. In return, we loaned them ours. Then we all spent a week with our borrowed strollers to see which one really was “The Best Lightweight Baby Stroller You Can Buy”. We pushed, we carried, we reconfigured, we folded, we dropped, we loaded down and we packed up these strollers for an entire week.

If You Can’t Be Right at First, At Least Be Right Later!

That’s when I started getting teased. Why? Because the majority was right. It really was the best lightweight baby stroller available.
So how did we decide? Well, at the start, we agreed that we would evaluate the stroller overall, but there were a few things that were absolute musts if a stroller could be called the best.

  • It had to be really versatile.
  • It had to be easy to use, fold and carry.
  • It had to have great storage.

Of course, we could use any other great features to help us make our decisions, but these were the deal breakers, and the popular favorite scored big all the way across the board. I might prefer being right, but I had to admit that my borrowed stroller was by far the best baby stroller I’d ever used.

So which stroller was it?

It was the Aprica Presto Lightweight Stroller.
(Aprica Presto, shown here in Brown)

Yeah, okay. Those of you who already knew that can stop rubbing it in. For those of you that have never used the Aprica Presto, here’s why it wowed us so much.

Use it for Kids Up to 70 LBS!

This feature actually came as a bit of a surprise. Most lightweight strollers top out at 40 or 50 lbs. and then you have to move up to another stroller. The Aprica Presto is rated for kids up to 70 lbs. and with the high profile seat, bigger kids will still have plenty of leg room. That’s not only convenient, but it can be a huge moneysaver.

One of the Most Mom-Friendly Strollers We’ve Ever Seen

The first thing that really amazed not only me but the other tester moms was how incredibly easy the Aprica Presto is for Moms to use. First of all, at just under 14 pounds the Aprica Presto is very lightweight, even for a tiny woman like me.

My youngest, Josh, was just about to turn two when I evaluated the Aprica Presto, and I actually had a blast using this stroller for two weeks. (Borrowed from my sister in law, who was only too happy to tell me she’d known for three years that the Aprica Presto was the best lightweight stroller.)

Not only is it light to push, it’s light to pull behind you when folded and light to carry out to the car or put in and take out of the trunk. It also fits very easily into the trunk of my Saturn L200, which is quite deep. The Aprica Presto has one of the slimmest profiles we’ve ever seen in a stroller. When it’s folded, it’s as thin as can be and so easy to fit almost anywhere. In fact, we kept it behind the front door, it was that slim. You can see for yourself in the picture on the right.

The Aprica Presto also features a really handy carry strap built right in, so that you can easily take it in and out of the car, carry it through the airport or haul it up stairs. I really appreciated that feature, and would have loved it when my kids were really tiny and had to be carried.

The Aprica Presto is So Easy to Maneuver!

Let me just say that Josh and I are out and about a lot each day. We usually go to the neighborhood park every morning and take walks with my husband and the dog every evening. I also take Josh with me to the farmer’s market every Wednesday and to the flea market on most Saturdays, so we get a lot of use out of a stroller. I had plenty of opportunities to see how easy the Aprica Presto really is to use and to take with us when we were in the car.

The Aprica Presto has a four wheel suspension, which is hard to find unless you’re looking at a high-end jogging stroller. That suspension really made a difference in how smooth the ride was, how easy it was to push and in how easy it was on my hands when we were going over the bumpy terrain at the flea market. The Aprica Presto is probably the smoothest-riding stroller I’ve ever used or tested.

The double front-swivel wheels really played a part in that, too. I never got hung up on bumps or cracks and had a very easy time with corners and maneuvering through crowds. No backing up to make a turn or curve, which was great.

The ride is extremely and uniformly smooth, whether you’re on a smooth surface or not. We have a lot of brick sidewalks and driveways in our neighborhood and the Aprica Presto never got hung up and seemed to glide the bumps and cracks so much more smoothly. It even performed really well on the walking trail, which is an older asphalt path and has quite a few cracks and holes.

Storage Space Galore!

One of the great things I found is that the Aprica Presto has a wonderful cargo area. It’s underneath the seat, but very, very spacious and made of fabric so that it can expand to handle what you’re stowing. What makes it so roomy, though, is that the seat on the stroller has a very high profile, much higher than you usually find. This means that you can fit a lot more stuff underneath. Several times, Josh and I went to the park for a picnic, and the cargo area held a backpack full of food, a tablecloth, his diaper bag and a ball. What’s really cool is that you can access your stuff from any side of the stroller, not just the back. That was something I really came to appreciate.

We used the cargo area to stow jackets and a lunch bag on our trips to the zoo and to hold bags of fruit at the farmer’s market. It was so handy. I have to admit that with our own stroller, I usually end up having to hang bags on the handlebars, which is a little irritating sometimes.

Little Extras That Mean a Lot

While these main features are really important, you expect extras with “The Best Lightweight Stroller You Can Buy” and the Aprica Presto has lots of those!
There were several other details that I quickly came to love about the Aprica Presto. One of the biggies was the one handed folding and the fact that the Aprica Presto will stand up on its own when it’s folded. My stroller doesn’t and that can be a real hassle.

Another bonus I liked was the ventilated sides. Kids can get so hot in the stroller, even a lightweight fabric one like this. The sides of the seat are made of ventilated fabric, though, and allow your child to get plenty of fresh air and any breeze that comes by. That can be really crucial on a hot day.

I also really appreciated the one-handed reclining lever and the very plush rubber grips. Both of these features make a huge difference when you spend any length of time using the stroller.

Now I know why so many readers and so many of the Mom’s Panel members were so insistent that the Aprica Presto was “The Best Lightweight Baby Stroller You Can Buy”. I’m converted. I’m a believer. I’m saving up for one as we speak, LOL.

Where Can You Get Your Own at the Best Price?

The Aprica Presto is widely available, even online. However, from what we’ve seen since we started, Amazon consistently has the best price. We’ve seen it as low as $147 there. They also usually give free shipping with this item, so that makes it an even better deal. It does sell out fast, though, so grab it when you see it in stock.

Some facts to consider while looking for a stroller…

Choosing a baby stroller can be a daunting process, especially if it’s your first stroller purchase. Strollers can be a fairly large investment for many parents, but the wrong stroller represents more than just wasted money; having the wrong stroller can also be a real source of frustrations and aggravation and even affect how much you and your baby get out just for fun and fresh air. If you’re looking for the best lightweight baby stroller, the advice and opinions of other Moms is invaluable. That’s why we formed the Moms Panel; to help other Moms make informed buying decisions.

If you’re shopping for a new best lightweight baby stroller, here are some important things to consider while you’re making a decision:

Do all of the Math: Stroller Weight plus Baby!

When you’re looking at the product information on lightweight baby strollers, be sure you figure in the weight of your baby. Obviously, this weight changes all the time and if your little one isn’t here yet, you’ll have to guess at the starting figure! But what we’re saying here is to remember that you’ll have to add quite a few pounds to the weight of the stroller. So, if the stroller weight seems light enough, make sure it’ll still be light enough once you add the baby…..and the diaper bag, purse, grocery bag and anything else you’ll be likely to have with you. This is why it’s important to look at strollers that are specifically designed to be lightweight. Other strollers may simply get far too heavy, once you’ve added in everything else.

Make Sure Lightweight Doesn’t Mean Flimsy

Some manufacturer’s save weight by cutting out a lot of important features. Padding for your baby’s comfort, sturdy and properly sized canopies, cargo areas and well-designed wheels are usually the first to go. When you’re comparing the strollers, be sure to make note of these things. While weight is a concern, you don’t want to find yourself with a stroller that bounces around too much, forces you to hang your diaper bag on the handlebar, or doesn’t protect your baby from the sun properly.

Lightweight Doesn’t Always Mean Easy to Carry

If you’re specifically looking for the best lightweight baby stroller, chances are you know you’re going to need to carry it at times or take it in and out of a car trunk. Many city Moms choose a lightweight baby stroller so that they can get it up and down apartment stairs and subway entrances.

However, make sure the stroller isn’t just lightweight, but also easy to fold and carry. The best stroller is one that folds with one hand, so that you can also have one hand or arm for holding your child. Also, the stroller should remain standing on its own, rather than having to lean against something.

Some of the Moms on our Moms Panel chose lightweight baby strollers for their child, and they have a lot of helpful information that you may find useful in choosing the best stroller for you.

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If you need a lightweight tandem stroller, read what Alexis has to say about the Joovy Caboose Ultra-Light Tandem Stroller. She especially loves that she can fold it with one hand-very unusual in a tandem stroller.

Choosing the best lightweight baby stroller will be a lot easier for you with these tips and the reviews from Moms who have been there, done that!

Good luck!